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Guy A Johnson

Questions for Guy A Johnson

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Q: Aloha, Guy! THINK I just finished your book, kindle version. Want to tell you how much I enjoyed it, but only have 250 characters :( ?: does it end with Barbara seeing her mother on the swing in the park? Or is it just the kindle version? Abrupt

Kay Matsuda, 30/09/2016 23:29

A: Hello Kay. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, that is the ending. Many people have said it ends very suddenly and not with a full answer. But I've done that purposely. And yes, you are supposed to think that's Barbara's mother - her second chance with the experiment.

Guy A Johnson, 01/10/2016 08:12

Laura  Lockington

Questions for Laura Lockington

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Q: Hi! I'm having a book themed wedding in November and plan on actually naming one of the tables Stargazy Pie after your novel. The novel is however hard to find in the US and all I have is my copy. Do you know where I can get more? Thanks!

Giuliana Locay, 02/06/2016 14:38

A: Oh - how lovely and what a great idea! Sadly, the book is now out of print, but there should be some second hand copies on Amazon if that helps! Many congratulations and I hope you have a fantastic wedding! Love Laura X

Laura Lockington, 02/06/2016 15:53

Janet Gogerty

Questions for Janet Gogerty

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Q: Hello again Janet! I am re-visiting your page as I have just finished the third book in your trilogy! I won't give away the ending for anyone but suffice to say that I couldn't sleep after I'd finished it! Please tell me there will be more books?

Fiona Hallsworth, 28/04/2015 17:01

A: I did not know how the trilogy would end till more than half way through the third book, then events started to move on with a terrible inevitability ... three books make a trilogy... I shall miss Holly Tree Farm and those that live there. Even before completing the third book I was wondering if it was cheating to write a few novellas about some of the other characters...

Janet Gogerty, 28/04/2015 18:54