Haunted is a psychological thriller. I was inspired to write it after I witnessed a couple of road rage incidents. It was also an idea that had been brewing in my mind for about 8 years after I heard a snippet of a news story about a random murder.
It's a very dark book. One reader said only one other book had ever given her sleepless nights and that was Salem's Lot, by Stephen King.
The subject matter is very dark, and it has a paranormal twist.
Part of the story is also inspired by the film 'A Beautiful Mind', which is a film that stayed with me long after I saw it.
Many readers have told me that 'Haunted' is a book that 'haunts' them, and stays in their mind long after they've read it.
The book is all about the consequences of our actions, but also about how, often, the perpetrator of a crime is a victim too.

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Maria Savva

I'm an author from London. I was a solicitor for about 15 years.

I wrote my first novel, Coincidences, in 1997 and that was published in 2001. Since then, I've written and published four more novels, a novella, and many short stories. I have a few of my own short story collections, and I've also contributed stories for the BestsellerBound Anthologies and The Mind's Eye series. I've been on a wonderful writing journey meeting lots of readers and writers online, and some in person! I'm mostly on Twitter and Facebook.

I love writing and reading. My books are all different because I like to try something new with each book I write, but also because I'm inspired by life and people I meet. Everyone is unique and we all have different stories to tell. My book genres range from romance to thriller, and everything in between. I'm currently working on my sixth novel.

My other passion is music. I'm currently a music blogger on the Real Rock And Roll blog.

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