Pieces of a Rainbow

Pieces of a Rainbow

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Pieces of a Rainbow is a themed short story collection.I wrote all the stories specifically for the collection. The idea came to me to write a book of short stories inspired by colours, and then a rainbow was the obvious choice.I set myself a challenge to write a story a day for 7 days. Each story is inspired by a different colour of the rainbow.The 'red' story - Seeing Red - is quite a dark story. The 'red' inspiration here is blood, anger... For 'orange' my inspiration was the colour of flames, so this story is about a fire and the consequences of the tragedy.For 'yellow' I have a story that starts and ends in springtime... the colour of daffodils, a common spring flower, was an inspiration here, and was the thing that gave me the idea for the story. Like the first two stories, though, it has quite a dark theme dealing with gang culture and teenage delinquency.For the 'green' story, I took the idea of 'green with envy', and this story is all about how jealousy can be a negative emotion more harmful to the person who is jealous that the object of their envy.The 'blue' story is probably my favourite in the collection, and is a turning point in the book where the stories start to get lighter in tone. It's a romantic story about love at first sight. The use of the 'blue' inspiration is for mood i.e. the main character is suffering from 'the blues', and also the action takes part at the beach, so there is the blue of the sea and sky.The only connection with the colour that the 'indigo' story has is a piece of clothing that one of the main characters wears, but the colour is one of those shades between blue and purple, so part of the inspiration was the mystical quality that purple holds. A fortune teller features, and this is quite a light-hearted story that contains quite a bit of humour.The final story is 'violet'. This is the character's name, and that's the connection with the colour. It has a dark theme, but this story ends on an uplifting note.Two of the stories have actual rainbows in them: the first one and the last one.

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Maria Savva

I'm an author from London. I was a solicitor for about 15 years.

I wrote my first novel, Coincidences, in 1997 and that was published in 2001. Since then, I've written and published four more novels, a novella, and many short stories. I have a few of my own short story collections, and I've also contributed stories for the BestsellerBound Anthologies and The Mind's Eye series. I've been on a wonderful writing journey meeting lots of readers and writers online, and some in person! I'm mostly on Twitter and Facebook.

I love writing and reading. My books are all different because I like to try something new with each book I write, but also because I'm inspired by life and people I meet. Everyone is unique and we all have different stories to tell. My book genres range from romance to thriller, and everything in between. I'm currently working on my sixth novel.

My other passion is music. I'm currently a music blogger on the Real Rock And Roll blog.

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